Headshot Photography Courses

Headshot Photography Courses

Headshot photography training

Headshot photography courses by the renowned photographers at Headshots London

You will learn how to take professional quality headshots with the minimum of equipment allowing you to travel light and setup your mobile headshot studio quickly on location.

How to take professional looking headshots

You don’t need any previous experience of portrait photography or photographing people but you do need to be adept at understanding your camera controls and settings.

The instructors will show you from start to finish what it takes to create quality headshots, how to set your subject at ease, the best poses for headshots, learn how to use flash and create a broad range of lighting patterns to give variation in your headshots.


How to make money as a headshot photographer

As well as the technical side of headshot photography, you will also learn which markets to target and how best to approach people and offer your services. Using your website and social media to help gain new clients and ghoul to get referrals from previous headshot clients.

Post production for headshots with Lightroom and Photoshop

Every headshots needs a little bit of finesse to make it have the professional polished look that makes a pro headshot stand out from the crowd. Your instructors will teach you how to edit a headshot in 10 mins with the use of industry standard tools Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you want to shoot headshots for a living then enrol on the Headshot Photography training course now!


commercial and headshot photography course

commercial and headshot photography course

London commercial and headshot photographer Simon Callaghan is widely regarded as one of the best commercial photographers in London and is available for bespoke one to one training for commercial photography and headshot photography in his London studio. If you see the quality of Simon’s work you will understand why he is in demand for commercial photoshoots in the capital, covering all types of commercial photography from headshots and boardroom shots to product photography, advertising campaigns and even beautifully crafted hotel interior photography.

Simon has a varied client base and is as comfortable photographing interior and exterior architecture as he is working with models for an advertising campaign in his London photographic studio. If you are looking to learn the art and business of commercial photography then a one to one commercial photography training session with Simon Callaghan Photography will set you on the right path.


Penn Road Studios are commercial photographers in Buckinghamshire and offer professional headshots and commercial photography as well as product and creative photography in London.

Personal Brand Photography Course

Personal Brand Photography Course

Are you looking for the best personal brand photography course? we would recommend you take a look at Gillian Devine personal brand photography. training.  If the idea of being a successful personal branding photographer and being paid to travel the world photographing in exotic locations sounds like your dream job then enrol on the Personal Brand Photography course now!


How to become a brand photographer

On this course, you will learn how to become a brand photographer

  • How to find the best light
  • How best to pose people for brand photography
  • Creating a personal brand photography questionnaire
  • Creating your own personal brand photography contract
  • How to set personal brand photography pricing
  • How to shoot personal brand photography on location or overseas


The Business of Branding Photography

This course is for you if you are new to photography or even if you already have an existing photography business and want to move into a personal branding business.

  • Website & Copy – How to appeal to and attract your dream clients.
  • SEO – How to optimise your website so your personal branding website is found.
  • Systems & Tools – my complete personal branding routine from client onboarding right up to deliverables.
  • Package & Pricing – how to create packages for personal branding photography clients.
  • Marketing your Personal Branding Business.
  • How to Find Clients – and help them find you.


personal brand photography courses

Personal Brand Photography Training

How do you become a personal brand photographer?

Gillian’s Personal Brand photography training course is designed to teach you all you need to know about running a successful brand photography business. Personal branding photography is one of the fastest-growing areas of photography.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners need a regular supply of high-quality photography for their website and social media marketing.

Who needs personal branding photography?

Many independent or small business owners need images to market their own services or products and want to show their lifestyle and personality to add a personal aspect to their business. the types of business that may need your personal branding photography include, personal trainers and fitness models, business consultants, life coaches, food bloggers, social media influencers, musicians and authors.  Almost any entrepreneur can benefit from a personal branding shoot with a professional photographer.


For your free guide to £6k months visit https://gilliandevine.com





SEO for Photographers course

SEO for Photographers course

Are you a professional photographer struggling to get your business found on Google’s results pages? Cinnamon Creative SEO agency in Brighton is now offering a one-day intensive SEO for photographers course, or for those of you who are time poor they can manage your SEO for you and get you ranking on the first page of Google for terms such as commercial photographer London, wedding photographer London or any type of phtogora[hy in your local area. With their intensive SEO course for photographers, they teach you.

  • H1 and H2 titles and how to use them to maximise your on-page SEO
  • on-page content, how to structure your on-page content and what to write about
  • Keyword research, what people are really searching for when they are looking for a photographer
  • Blog posts, how to structure your blog posts and how to rank for multiple search terms from one post
  • Internal linking, the power of internal links and how to use them wisely
  • External linking, how to get high-quality photography-related links that will boost your rankings
  • How to show expertise, Authority and trust in your photography brand through your website and online presence


If you are a photographer looking to get to page one of Google for your photography website get in touch with Cinnamon Creative and enrol in their SEO for photographers course in 2020

Brighton SEO Agency Cinnamon Creative

Lovegrove photography training

Lovegrove photography training

Damien Lovegrove has been teaching photographers from across the world for two decades, Join Damien on his Lovegrove adventure or workshop and he will teach you everything you need to master photography.  Your confidence behind the camera will grow throughout the course and he will teach you how to find and use wonderful light, how to pose and communicate with the subject. A relaxed and wonderful shooting experience and a fantastic way to learn the craft of photographing portraits the Lovegrove way.


Wedding photography course

Wedding photography course

Wedding photography course 2021

Learn how to become a successful wedding photographer with a profitable wedding photography business in 2021.

Do you want to learn how to become a wedding photographer in 2020? 

As an award-winning international wedding photographer, The London Wedding Photographers have been training photographers from across the world for over 15 years. Teaching you through their 2021 wedding photography course how to take great photos and run a profitable business.

Wedding photographer Training

For those looking to change careers, our bespoke wedding photography training course is just the ticket.

With a one to one 12 week program you can learn all about the photography aspect of shooting a wedding from scratch, including…

  • Technical aspects of your camera and settings.
  • Lighting for individuals and couples including, natural light, off-camera flash, mixed lighting and lighting for effects.
  • How to pose the bride and groom both individually and together.
  • how to produce photos with genuine interaction and connection that looks real, no stiff poses and awkward positions!
  • How to photograph important details, The bride’s dress, wedding rings, table settings and more.
  • How to photograph in different weather conditions throughout the year. From bright overhead sun to winter weddings in the UK.

    Wedding photography course

    Learn how to become a wedding photographer and run a successful wedding photography business. How to become a wedding photographer:

  • The first step in becoming a wedding photographer is education. Almost all of the great wedding photographers were students of photography. Wedding photography doesn’t happen overnight but if you follow these steps you can start shooting weddings on your own and eventually build up a business.

    By choosing to be mentored by the UK’s best wedding photographers you can accelerate your learning in fine art wedding photography.

    #1. Start as a Wedding Photographer’s Assistant.

    The best way to learn wedding photography in the UK is by starting out as an assistant with one of the greats. This way you can get a lot of help and advice on how to become a wedding photographer, while actually working at your craft. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to shoot and build up your portfolio.

    Look for a wedding photographer in the UK who is running their own business and has done weddings that you really love. Then get in touch with them and ask if they could use an assistant. Most will accept. Even if they don’t have enough work at the moment to keep you busy. If you are in the North West of England, Liverpool wedding photographer Matthew Rycraft can help you become a better photographer with his one to one wedding photography masterclass. 

Sally Shaw Wedding photography courses

Sally Shaw Wedding photography courses

Sally hosts her popular wedding photography courses in Derbyshire twice a year. She is one of the North East’s most sought after wedding photographers and those who have attended her wedding photography course have nothing but great things to say about her approach to teaching documentary wedding photography. Based in Derbyshire she photographs weddings in Manchester, Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to sign up for a Sally Shaw wedding photography course then get in touch with her to find out her upcoming dates and availability.

derbyshire wedding photography training