Headshot photography training

Headshot photography courses by the renowned photographers at Headshots London

You will learn how to take professional quality headshots with the minimum of equipment allowing you to travel light and setup your mobile headshot studio quickly on location.

How to take professional looking headshots

You don’t need any previous experience of portrait photography or photographing people but you do need to be adept at understanding your camera controls and settings.

The instructors will show you from start to finish what it takes to create quality headshots, how to set your subject at ease, the best poses for headshots, learn how to use flash and create a broad range of lighting patterns to give variation in your headshots.


How to make money as a headshot photographer

As well as the technical side of headshot photography, you will also learn which markets to target and how best to approach people and offer your services. Using your website and social media to help gain new clients and ghoul to get referrals from previous headshot clients.

Post production for headshots with Lightroom and Photoshop

Every headshots needs a little bit of finesse to make it have the professional polished look that makes a pro headshot stand out from the crowd. Your instructors will teach you how to edit a headshot in 10 mins with the use of industry standard tools Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you want to shoot headshots for a living then enrol on the Headshot Photography training course now!