Wedding photography course 2021

Learn how to become a successful wedding photographer with a profitable wedding photography business in 2021.

Do you want to learn how to become a wedding photographer in 2020? 

As an award-winning international wedding photographer, The London Wedding Photographers have been training photographers from across the world for over 15 years. Teaching you through their 2021 wedding photography course how to take great photos and run a profitable business.

Wedding photographer Training

For those looking to change careers, our bespoke wedding photography training course is just the ticket.

With a one to one 12 week program you can learn all about the photography aspect of shooting a wedding from scratch, including…

  • Technical aspects of your camera and settings.
  • Lighting for individuals and couples including, natural light, off-camera flash, mixed lighting and lighting for effects.
  • How to pose the bride and groom both individually and together.
  • how to produce photos with genuine interaction and connection that looks real, no stiff poses and awkward positions!
  • How to photograph important details, The bride’s dress, wedding rings, table settings and more.
  • How to photograph in different weather conditions throughout the year. From bright overhead sun to winter weddings in the UK.

    Wedding photography course

    Learn how to become a wedding photographer and run a successful wedding photography business. How to become a wedding photographer:

  • The first step in becoming a wedding photographer is education. Almost all of the great wedding photographers were students of photography. Wedding photography doesn’t happen overnight but if you follow these steps you can start shooting weddings on your own and eventually build up a business.

    By choosing to be mentored by the UK’s best wedding photographers you can accelerate your learning in fine art wedding photography.

    #1. Start as a Wedding Photographer’s Assistant.

    The best way to learn wedding photography in the UK is by starting out as an assistant with one of the greats. This way you can get a lot of help and advice on how to become a wedding photographer, while actually working at your craft. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to shoot and build up your portfolio.

    Look for a wedding photographer in the UK who is running their own business and has done weddings that you really love. Then get in touch with them and ask if they could use an assistant. Most will accept. Even if they don’t have enough work at the moment to keep you busy. If you are in the North West of England, Liverpool wedding photographer Matthew Rycraft can help you become a better photographer with his one to one wedding photography masterclass.